Friday, 4 September 2020

Good news and bad news

Things didn't go back to normal immediately after the end of WW II. In some ways they got worse.

Below is a circular letter from Barclay Perkins to their tenants announcing the good news that some draught KK (Burton Ale) would be available in the the winter of 1946/47.

1/5 per pint was a bit steep - it's more than double the pre-war price of 8d. But at least pubs could get some Burton Ale.

Except for every 3 barrels of KK they ordered, a pub was entitled to four fewer barrels of draught Mild or Bitter. Not exactly great.

The surprising thing is that Barclay Perkins continued to brew Burton Ale right through the war. Though its gravity had fallen from 1057º to 1044º. So to about the same strength as XX, their Best Mild, had been in the late 1030s.

The three for four wasn't such a bad deal, as both XX and XLK were less than three-quarter of the strength of KK, as they were both around 1031º.

The difficult choices a publican had to make in the hard years of post-WW II austerity.

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Jess said...

Seen the sign for Barclay Perkins on park street, part of our history, thanks for sharing this