Sunday 5 January 2020

Christmas beer in Boston

Despite the war having been over for a few months, the public were still concerned about their Christmas beer supply.

The situation was exacerbated by holidaying or discharged servicemen returning. Who were most likely a thisty bunch.

There was good news and bad news. There was likely to be plenty of beer for Christmas itself, but a shortage afterwards.

"Christmas Beer
WHETHER the beer supplies in Boston will be equal to the increased demand over the long Christmas week-end is a problem which is concerning most local licensees. All over the country Service men and women leave and those already discharged will be foregathering at the “local” to celebrate the first peace Christmas. And, of course, all the regular customers will be in festive mood also.

The brewery companies are optimistic. They have been hard at it brewing in quantity and dispatching every available cask and bottle. And the transport situation is not so bad as it was. Boston should have plenty of beer for everyone.

But a temporary shortage is coming. In order to give their employees well-earned rest, the brewery firms in this part of the country are closing down for three days at Christmas, and this is bound to have its effect immediately afterwards. There is likely to be a few days’ dry period at the beginning the New Year."
Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian - Saturday 22 December 1945, page 8.

It took years after the end of the war for restrictions on brewing to be lifted.

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