Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Bavaria memories

Remembering one of my last trips to Bavaria.

See how many locations you can identify.


Jason said...

Most of them, given that I'm one of the lucky buggers that lives here.

It looked like you were in a taxi from Spielbach to Rothenburg - am I correct in thinking you visited Brauerei Gold Ochsen? Fabulous place.

Ron Pattinson said...


well spotted. Of course we visited visited Brauerei Gold Ochsen. Great place, but a shame about the flies.

Jason said...

Well, I guess that's one of the perils of it being on a working farm and visiting in high summer. I presume you met Frau Unbehaun... rumours are that it'll only last as long as she does, the son has no appetite to continue brewing, but who knows. Rumours are rumours.

I took Frank Wetzel there a few years ago. I think it's the closest he's come in recent years to proposing (joke). I only manage to visit a handful of times a year, bugger of a place to get to, but she always remembers me. I hope she reigns supreme over that place for years to come.