Tuesday 21 January 2020

Adnams Southwold bottled beers (part two)

We're back with this 1938 Adnams advertisement.

Diss Express - Friday 30 December 1938, page 8.
Remember how I mentioned yesterday there was a reason for the rather specific claim: "These three Beers are guaranteed now, for some years past, brewed from English Barley Malt, English Hops, and Cane Sugar only."

Odd, as Adnams brewed four beers at the time? Where's PA, their Bitter? This is why:

Look at the entry that goes over the "M" in MALTS. Itsays "Cali" at the end. Meaning it's malt made from Californian barley.

I've no idea why only PA would include malt made from foreign barley.  It's a mystery.

Adnams were unusual in not using unmalted grains. Even for most of the years of WW II their beers were malt and sugar only.

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