Tuesday 15 August 2017

In case you've forgotten

I've a new book out. Full of that recipey stuff the young 'uns like. But with enough of the talky explainey stuff to interest twats as old as me.

Did I mention Andrew is going to university?

"We don't want to lumber him with a big debt."

"Don't we, Dolores? Rather that that us become paupers."

"What about his future?"

"I'll be dead for most of that. What do I care?"

On that caring note, I'll remind you that you can help my future be slightly less bleak by investing in my dead good book.

Think of the children.


1 comment:

Professor Pie-Tin said...

I know where you're coming from Ron.
I fork out £600 a month rent for my eldest at Uni but made him take out a £9000 a year tuition fee loan to focus his mind on studying.
Last week he reckoned living amongst untidy and slovenly students was getting on his nerves and he'd seen a flat for £900 a month.I just sent him a picture of a tent from an Argos catalogue the cheeky bastard.