Sunday 13 August 2017

In case you missed it

My new recipe book is out, packed full of, er, stuff. Loads of new recipes, including ones from North America and some Lagers. Quite a few Lagers, actually. And lots of other random shit.

You should know me by now. What interests me. Which is everything beer-realted. Just about.

Just back from Newark. Visiting family and my mate Henry from school. Who's just started a brewery*. The fact that he dropped off a firkin of Red Barrel at my brother's for my stay has had absoulutely no influence on my opinion of his beer.

It was a bit like a challenge. Or at least that's how I saw it. 72 pints, four blokes, three nights. Should be a piece of piss. Just six pints a day each. I'd tell you how it ended - were the kids up to it? And the insanity chile story. That's another good one.

But you'll have to wait for that. I'm trying to flog my new book:

Any guesses as to who's the handsome man on the cover?

Please buy my new recipe book. It's dead good. And Andrew is about to go to University.

 * Cat asylum, in Collingham, Nottinghamshire. He hasn't got a website yet. But it did look this afternoon as if I might be able to persuade him to install a dropping system. Or was that Red Barrel I'd had for brunch clouding my judgement? In case you're wondering: surprisingly unshit. The Red Barrel. Not that I doubt Henry's brewing skills. More the recipe. It is an evil keg one, after all. The archetypal evil keg.


StuartP said...

If that's not me during my beard phase, I'd guess it was Kristen.

StuartP said...

Not like Staropramen ????

bigLurch Habercom said...

Hi - Do you have anymore information about your frinds brewery?. I have friends in the same village who know nothing about it!!!!. Cheers

Kevin said...

Do you put together your recipes using Beersmith? If so, would it be possible in future Let's Brew Wednesday posts to include the Beersmith file so that Beersmith users can just click the link to save the recipe?

Ron Pattinson said...

bigLurch Habercom,

it's just about opposite the Grey Horse. Though there's no sign so you wouldn't really know there was a brewery there.

Ron Pattinson said...


I do. How would that work with the BeerSmith file. Do I just export it?