Monday 21 November 2016

Pub layout

This is a short post for David Boshko who was having trouble visualisingthe layout of British pubs.

This is from The Pub and the People and shows the layout of a Bolton pub in the 1930s. Though when I started drinking uin the 1970's, this sort of arrangement was still very common in the North.

Note that the taproom has no window.

Here's a more complex layout from the 1950's (Courtesy of Beer in Britain):

I've just noticed that the cellar is shown as being overground. Bit weird, that. And a very unusually-shaped pub, but it does give a good idea of a multi-room pub with a single srving area.


tommy n said...

I'm guessing the second plan is of this pub

Roel Mulder said...

Hi Ron,
Nice, the upper picture is also featured in G.H. Jansen's book 'De eeuwige kroeg', a history of taverns and pubs in Europe and beyond.
It also has the layouts of two Dutch pubs in the 1970s, if you're interested.

Bosh said...

Many thanks.