Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Scotland! vol. 2

is becoming a reality. It's so exciting.

I've assembled a mighty army of recipes, several hundred strong. And I'm starting to occupy the chapters - last weekend my forces conquered most of the ingredients and beer styles sections of the first and third.

Obsession. A dead handy trait. How else could I remember so much bollocks about brewing in the land of Irn Bru? Without all that crap stewing in my brain, I'd be frantically flicking through files every five seconds. Luckily it's all lurking in some lobe or other.

"Why are you writing this book, Ronald?"

See above. I'm an obsessive. And I want to wangle a wander of the wild ways of the USA with a book to tart. Just about worn out the last one.

Plus no-one else has done it yet. Uncharted territory is so beguiling. Scottish brewing has, like the Western Isles, been neglected by cartographers surprisingly long. Mapping it accurately is my goal.

On the way, overloading you with way, way too many recipes. But which captain complains of maps too accurate?

I've no publisher. Though I'm writing it as a "proper" book. If you feel like saving me from the shame of self-publishing my Meisterwerk, get in touch.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about brewer's publications?


Ron Pattinson said...


one big problem: they already have a book about Scottish beer. A pretty dreadful one, but I still can't imagine they'd want to publish another. Especially one that would contradict most of what their existing book says