Sunday, 22 May 2016

Random Dutch beers (part twenty-nine)

It's the weekend. Time for me to drink random Dutch beers and sketch them for you.

Not sure how detailed or long this will be. I'm feeling knacked, despite 10 hours kip. A couple of days in Copenhagen followed by a frantic day of work have tired me out. A nice lazy weekend is what I need.

I'll start with another beer from local contract brewers Two Chefs.

Two Chefs Red Rocket, 5.4% ABV
It's billed as a Red ale. Nevere sure what that really means. Irish Red Ale obviously being a development of Pale Ale. This is much darker than that. 35 EBC according to the label. I can beleive that. It's about the colour of Dark Mild. Holding it to the light, I can see it's poured pretty clear. Oh no. It smells of cabbage. And has an unpleasant bitterness way above the 17 IBUs on the label.

Something has gone very, very wrong with this. Off to the sink it goes.

My random grab into the beer bag has pulled out another Two Chef beer.

Two Chef Funky Falcon, 5.2% ABV
Odd name for a Pale Ale. I worriede it might have been sour from the name. It's certainly pale. Though a little hazy. The aroma pleasantly fruity without going full-on grapefruit. Light and fruity in the mouth and not too bitter. Quite pleasant. Like a Session IPA. I had one of those at WarPigs in Copenhagen that was 5.8% ABV. 5.8% and a session beer?

I'm thinking of creating a new style - Session Imperial Stout. Between the wars, Barclay Perkins brewed two strengths of Russian Stout: a 10% ABV version and one of just 5.5% ABV. Do you think I should trademark the name?


BryanB said...

Go for it! Won't you need to actually have one brewed before they'll validate the TM though?

Anonymous said...

What about a dark session pale imperial stout?