Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Random Dutch beers (part thirty)

You can tell I'm busy when I post a lot of this stuff. It's quick and easy to write and requires no research other than drinking a couple of beers. I shouldn't tell you that, really, should I?

Beers from another Amsterdam outfit, De 7 Deugden (the 7 Virtues). A real brewery that was the first of the recent additions to the Amsterdam scene, all the way back in 2010. There're in an odd location, right on the edge of the city out in the wilds of Osdorp. Which explains why I've never been there.

De 7 Deugden Ruw + Bolster, 5% ABV
Despite being undisturbed on my floor for a couple of weeks, it didn't look totally clear in the bottle. It's poured, unsurprisingly, dead murky. Very frothy, too. Smells like orange and Brettanomyces. Slightly worrying, that. Thin and lemony in the mouth, with Brettanomyces hidden away in the boot. It doesn't taste totally unpleasnt, but I suspect some of the flavours are unintentional.

"Do you want to try my beer, Andrew?"

"No thank you."

He doesn't sound in the mood for jokes. He has just got out of bed. And it's only 13:30.

"Do you want to try my beer, Dolores?"

"Yes, in a minute. I'm quite busy."


"Mmm, quite nice. But a bit sour."

De 7 Deugden Scheeps Recht, 7% ABV
Yippee! I poured one clear. What a clever boy I am. It looks lovely in the glass. A thick head I feel like resting my head on, a golden sparkle below it.  Ah, there's that same aroma of orange and Brettanomyes. That's not a good sign. It tastes very much like the other beer: orange, Brettanomyces, bit of sourness and a jarring, nasty bitterness at the end. Not sure this is how it is meant to taste.

"Do you want to try my beer, Andrew?"

"No thank you."

He's still not in the mood. But at least polite.

Brouwerij De 7 Deugden
Osdorperweg 578 achter,
1067 SZ Amsterdam.
Email: info@de7deugden.nl
Tel: 020 - 667 3221

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