Friday 28 March 2014

Book tour day six - Philadelphia

I'll try to rattle through today quicker than yesterday. Otherwise I'll still be writing this trip up when I embark on my next.

Breakfast isn't included at my hotel so I turn to Google Maps. There's a diner just around the corner.

It's in the indoor market. I somehow managed to miss that last time I was in Philadelphia. 30th Street Station excepted, there's not one place I recall from my last visit. It seems like a different town. I eat my usual egg and bacon combo. And drink an orange juice. Important to keep up the vitamin intake.

First stop in the Dock Street Brewery. Not that we stop, because it isn't open.

Instead, we go to Local 44 which is. Interesting. It looks like it was built as a pub.

I'm reassured by the sight of handpulls. Unfortunately, the Yards IPA is off. I pass on the Bombardier. Not sure I'd even drink that in the UK, unless desparate. I have a perfumy IPA-ype thing. I can't remember what it's called, but then again, I'm not trying to. This is my relaxing time, not my pointlessly obsessing time.

After a couple we head back to Dock Street, which is now open. We chat with a brewer, then the owner. No, I can't recall what I'm drinking. I'm too relaxed.

The evening's event in Yards is a bit chaotic. One of the sudience tries to take over my talk. Which is a bit annoying. I manage to wrest it back when he says something that's bollocks. Oh well. I sell a few books. And sign a few. I hadn't realised how early Yards closes in the evening and am a bit surprised when we get thrown out at 19:00.

I pop in for some Dim Sum on the way back. Full of dumplingy goodness.

Tomorrow I head for Washington.

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer

Down Home Diner
51 N 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tel: +1 215-627-1955

Dock Street Brewing Co
701 S 50th St,
Philadelphia, PA 19143.
Tel: +1 215-726-2337

Local 44
4333 Spruce St,
Philadelphia, PA 19104.
Tel: +1 215-222-2337

Yards Brewing Company
901 N Delaware Ave,
Philadelphia, PA 19123.
Tel: +1 215-634-2600

Dim Sum Garden
59 N 11th St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19107.
Tel: +1 215-627-0218


Tripp said...

Man, I can't believe I missed you coming to town. Would've loved to see your talk, but the people who are supposed to keep me informed of these things apparently need a kick in the pants.

Local 44 typically has Racer 5 IPA on hand pump, which is quite fine in that form.

Care to say what specific brand of bollocks the guy who tried to take over your talk was peddling? You wouldn't believe the kinds of things the homebrewing folks in Philadelphia take as truth. It's an odd thing to be sure.

Hope you enjoyed your stay. (Now off to kick those elves...)

Ron Pattinson said...


can't remember exactly what bollocks he said, but it let me back in nicely

I thought that I'd bored everyone silly here on the blog repeatedly posting my US tour schedule. Evidently, I didn't do it enough.

Tripp said...

Ron, just bad luck on my part I guess. I check here from time to time, but I must have just missed it. Anyway, hope you had a good time in Philly!