Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Visit my bookstore

Visit my bookstore. Yes do. It's just been revamped.

Should you, can you do me a favour? Count how many books I've published. Someone asked me the other day and I honestly had no idea. It's hard to keep track.

Have a browse, buy some books, provide my kids with shoes. You know it makes sense.

Oh, and to celebrate the revamped page, there's 20% off the normal price of the hardback edition of "Porter!". A great chance to get the greatest book ever written on Porter for a cheap price.

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BryanB said...

I see quite a few (most?) of the ebooks are saddled with Adobe DRM "digital rights management", which doesn't have a reader for Linux.

After an annoying experience a little while back I will not buy any more Adobe DRM titles, as I can't read them on my PC or laptop without the faff of booting a Windows virtual machine. Sorry.