Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pliny the Elder - it's OK

I don't usually drink North American beers. Not when I'm in Europe. You've no idea how long they've been banging around and hanging around in ships, harbours and warehouses.

I make an exception for the bottles I get directly. Either by hand, post or my own luggage.

Before I go any further I should thank Brian Hunt (of Moonlight Brewing) for bringing me two bottles of Pliny "brewery fresh". And for the conversation. Great brewer, great guy.

Prepared to be underwhelmed was my approach. Bit cynical. I know. So I passed it around the family to get a more, er, view of more people. I'll start with my impressions (not tasting notes, only Beer Nut can make those interesting).

A really good fruity aroma-type thing, very fresh and pleasant. Nice enough flavour with more of the fruity-type stuff.

Dolores: passion fruit.

Alexei: grapefruit.

Andrew: dad, don't make me taste that crap.

Me: very pleasant. Wouldn't want to drink three pints of it.

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The Beer Nut said...

Dawww, thank you. For the record my notes on Pliny are here.