Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Porter! - 20% off!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu. My memory is really going. I meant to mention this some time ago. I posted something on Facebook but completely forgot about the blog.

So, a bit delayed, here's my announcement. For a limited time only (until the end of October) you can buy the hardback edition of "Porter!" for 20% less. Yes, 20% less!

I say announcement, advertisement would be more honest. This is where I should tell you about how it's the coolest book ever written about Porter. Full of facts and fun, tables and tables, tables and even more tables, and historic recipes. Loads of them. But there's a bottle of Abt with my name on it and I need to hurry. Feel free to may up your own crap jokes.

It's an impressively weighty tome. I always keep mine close to hand in case I need to fight off a burglar or one of the kids.

For that reason alone: buy "Porter!" today! and defend your home.


Anonymous said...

Moving from a brown bitter to a porter, what would be the minimum criteria of one changing to another?

A certain amount of Chocolate malt? Black malt?

Would the book explain this?

Ron Pattinson said...

Anonymous, no.