Thursday, 2 February 2012

I'm number five!

In the Wikio rankings. I'm so proud.

Can't say I quite understand how they come up with the rankings. A couple of months ago I was in position 20-something. The number of visitors I get hasn't changed appreciably in that time.

If only it meant something in terms of money.

Did I mention my plan? My get-someone-to-pay-me-to-research plan. It's based on optimism and an unreasonable faith in human nature. Surely there must be bearded beery philanthropist somewhere?

Why that image? I just like remembering Shippos.


Gary Gillman said...

Congratulations, Ron. Migration of visitors from other sites perhaps? Anyway the consciousness of beer historical topics does seem on the increase, one can tell this from trade literature such as beer magazines and "brewspapers", and also from new consumer books coming out.


Craig said...

Wikko refuses to accept drinkdrank for ranking. It's all very existential.