Saturday, 3 July 2010

Harvey's Best Bitter

Harvey's Best Bitter.

Had a pint last night that was so good. Late on, after many good beers. Exactly what a pint of Bitter should be. Spot, spot on. Characterful, satisfying and demanding you drink more.

Time was, there were dozens of Bitters like that. Barnsley Bitter. Wethereds. Draught Bass. Boddingtons. Shipstones. Home. Camerons. Several bits of Whitbread. A few bits of Courage.

Don't get me started on Milds. The carnage amongst the good ones is even worse. Shiptones, Ansells, Davenports, M & B, Yorkshire Clubs, Darleys, Wem, Plymouth Heavy, Matthew Brown (yes, that could be really good), Hull.

Tetleys. Sorry, they aren't quite dead yet. My favourite of all. Black Dog, Cross Green, Thursday night, eight pints, best, best best, beer ever.

(Well, apart from Russian Stout.)

Tetley's Mild. Cross Black, Green Dog, best pints, ever, ever Mild. As I spoke after the eight pints.

Tetley's Mild. Best ever beer beer ever (apart from Courage Russian Stout).

Talking of Boddingtons, I've tricked the family into visiting Liverpool. And a day in Manchester. I hope Dolores doesn't notice the theme. After last year's trip to Glasgow.


Ed said...

Harvey's Tom Paine should be out now which is another cracker.

John Clarke said...


I can't remember where you said the Boddies archive was stored but if it was the Central Library then you should know they have just closed it for a two year (I think) refurbishment.

Let me know when you're in town and we'll have a pint.

Mike said...

Chesters mild was also very good.

Barm said...

The theme is ... rain?

Gazza Prescott said...

You'll not believe what they've done to Boddies now... and even the brewery has gone!!! (apart from the chimney)

Matt said...

John, the Boddies archive is at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Ron, yes let us know when you're in Manchester so we can all meet up for a pint.