Saturday, 25 July 2009

Pub closures (part two)

How many pubs are really closing in Britain? The British Beer and Pub Association reckons 42 a week.

If 52 pubs are closing a week, that means 2,704 will close their doors forever in 2009. It'll be easy to check. The BBPA's own Statistical Handbook publishes the number of pub licences. We just have to wait 18 months or so. For the 2011 edition. And compare the number of licences in 2009 and 2010.

Assuming I can remember to check in 2011, I'm starting a sweepstake. Guess the number of pubs that close in 2009. Again, assuming I remember, there will be a prize of some sort for whoever gets closest. Probably some of my tacky merchandise.

I'll kick off with 1,237. What do you reckon?


Tandleman said...

I'm guessing a little higher. Let's say 1615. It's a nice number and as good a guess as any - other than the right one- and they'll all be guesses.

PS Ron. Is that your house? (-;

MentalDental said...

I'll go for 1404.

You have to assume that the figures are being talked up, but how mauch?

First Stater said...

Damn, 1237 was my guess.

First Stater said...

I'll take 1238.

rabbi lionheart said...

1776. I'm feeling a bit pessimistic.

first stater's evil twin said...

I'll take 1236.

Duncan said...

There's some interesting stats on the definition of pubs up today on a BBC Blog which suggests Pubs aren't dying, they are evolving

But based on the stats from the BBPA, I'll go for 1969.