Friday, 3 July 2009

It must be summer

I put a bottle of Guinness Special Export in the fridge yesterday. A sure sign that the summer is here. It was so warm, I added ice to my Hummel Räucherator. ("Urgh, that smells funny," was Dolores's reaction when I suggested she try it "like ham.")

That's about my only concession to Summer. Icing my beer when I get home from work, tired and sweaty after being squeezed into a number 15 bus. (The summer tram and bus schedule has just started. It means one thing: fewer trams and buses. Great. There aren't enough 15's in the normal schedule.) Other than upping my Guinness Special Export consumption when it's really hot, the passing seasons have no effect on my drinking habits. I still survive on a diet of St. Bernardus 6, 8 and 12.

I don't understand why people swap to pale, light, lagery beers as soon as the temperature rises over 20º C. I just don't get it. My taste buds don't change. My personal preferences are unaltered. Why should I suddenly abandon my favourite beers? Crisp, cool, refreshing. Is lager really that? Or have we all just been brainwashed by the marketing men at the Megabrewery Corporation?

A lightly-chilled bottle of export-strength Stout. What could be more summery than that?


Barry M said...

"What could be more summery than that?"

A lightly-chilled bottle of export-strength Stout with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it?

Never tried it though :oD

Tim said...

Ron, I find lager very refreshing when the heat hits. Just the other day I had a chilled Ayinger Celebrator (I was celebrating Tuesday) and it quenched my thirst and entertained my taste buds.

Elektrolurch said...

i am recently drinking 2 lagers this summer. hönicka wunsiedler wonnesud dunkles spezialbier and krug lager,also a dunkles......