Monday, 20 July 2009

Bohemian Salvator

Thanks to Evan Rail for pointing this one out to me. It's an advert from 1891 for various Prague breweries. The interesting bit is the U Medvídků ad. "We recommend the beer brewed according to the Munich method, 'Salvator'" is what it says.

So Zacherl really were taking the piss when they trademarked Salvator. It was already a style brewed internationally. I wonder how they got away with it?

You can read more about the lost breweries of Prague in Evan's original post.

Now that U Medvídků has a brewery again, Should they consider brewing a Salvator? When did Zacherl get the trademark? After 1891, I'm sure. (I really should be able to provide the exact date here. But my tea is already on the table and it's best to eat with the whole family. Like the Simpsons.)

Who would win in court? "The one with the most money!" You're a cynical lot.

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