Friday, 27 March 2009

Brown Beer ready to go

I've been putting the finishing touches to "Brown Beer", the next in my Mini Book Series. Volume V, to be precise. I'll send it off to be printed sometime this week.

I put it together last December, but I've written so much about Porter and Stout since then. I thought I may as well include the newer material, too. And I threw in a few bonus recipes. Ones I've never published before. The book is now 170 pages long. I'd best get it sent off quickly before I add another 20 pages.

It features all my favourite Porter breweries: Truman, Whitbread, Guinness and, of course, Barclay Perkins. Rants, tables, recipes and even the odd moment of coherence. "Brown Beer" truly has it all.

Of course, I'm not going to let you buy it yet. This is just my initial 10 copy collectors item print run. Nine lucky people will receive a free copy through the post. Will you be one of them? You should know in a week or two.

I suppose, if I stick to my plan, I should now make "Decoction!" available for sale. That's even thicker than "Brown Beer". "Andrew! Andrew! I've got a little job for you."


Korev said...

Currently into my second pint of 1849 BP EI Porter. Didn't quite get the 1020 attenuation ended up at 1030 ~4.5 ABV Has a marsala / liquoricy taste in the finish, medium body but drinkable and the hopping rate seems to balance things out as it is not too cloying. A very quaffable beer even at 3 weeks old. I have bottled a couple to see how they age. Thanks for posting the recipes.

Ron Pattinson said...

korev, that EI looked at interesting beer. I guess the hopping rate reflects the fact that it wouldn't have been consumed immediately.

The EI recipe is in "Brown Beer", along with another 10 recipes.

Anonymous said...

This is too late to beg for one?