Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I'm so excited again

Excitable you could call me. Megalomaniac, peripatetic and Stalinist, too. Some of these words describe me correctly. But let's just stick with excitable.

There are so many things for me to be excited about. I've found another Grätzer. Another reference to Grätzer, I mean. In "Bierbrauerei" by M. Krandauer, 1914, page 301. "Grätzer Bier, a rough, bitter beer, brewed from 100% wheat malt with an intense smoke and hop flavour." Sounds great, doesn't it? Very modern.

I've been buying German brewing manuals on the internet again, if you hadn't noticed. Hopping rates in lager from the 1870's. Bohemian top-fermenting beer. Berliner Weisse. I think it's fascinating, even if you don't. All I have to do now is translate it.

And my Porter was bottled today. I feel so proud. Friday, it's the Stout's turn. Excitement overload.


Stan Hieronymus said...

So is that it on Grätzer information or is there more?

Ron Pattinson said...

There's a whole paragraph about Grätzer. In addition to stuff on Einfachbier, Bitterbier and Berliner Weissbier. I just need time to decypher and translate it all.