Thursday, 14 February 2008

Disguised blessing

Events have overtaken my Bookcase Project. The tatty inaccessible shelves have been cleared away and replaced by a shiny new cabinet.

For you, it's a blessing in disguise. Why?

Before I answer that question, here are three vanished shelves.

An incomplete set of Good Beer Guides. I don't even have the one with a photo of my brother on the back.

More CAMRA publications. I'm such a loyal member. I have two life membership cards.

My favourite style books. I love them so much, I have some of them twice. Propped up with very outdated American guides. That's my excuse for the dust.

Disguised blessing. I hadn't forgotten. For the sake of completeness, I'll be including my new, new bookcase in the Project. Another chance to see the books from the three previous posts, arranged in a slightly different order. I've added a book to one of the other shelves. Perhaps I need to photograph that again, too. The Project may take longer than I anticipated.

Don't tell Dolores, but I ordered a German - English brewing dictionary yesterday. That will need to go somewhere. "Die Bierbrauerei der Neuzeit" that came last week hasn't got a place yet, either. I'd been meaning to translate the chapters "Obergäriges Braunbier oder Süssbier", "Berliner Weissbier" and "Lyoner Reisbier", but it's printed in gothic. I keep putting it off. So it's been lying on my "desk" for a week. That's not long at all. Some have stayed there for years.

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