Friday 26 May 2023

Off to the offie

I rise a little before ten. And write up yesterday on my laptop. Then watch Match of the Day. Thankfully, City win. That'll learn those Arses.

We’re saying goodbye to Alexei today. He needs to finally get back to his dorm. He has a morning class tomorrow and needs to be early to bed. At least that’s what he says. More likely, glad to escape, after almost a week with us.

Outside the hotel, we wait for Alexei’s taxi to turn up. Then it’s time for a tearful farewell.

“Enjoy the rest of your time in Korea.”

“Have a good time in Japan. You bastards.”

“I’m sure we will.”

“See you in a couple of weeks.”

Then off Alexei’s taxi goes. His roommates will be surprised to see him. They probably assume that he’s been kidnapped by the North Koreans. Most likely already drawn lots for who gets his laptop.

It's an extremely quiet day. We do fuck all, other than hang around in Andrew's room watching Youtube and drinking. Interspersed with the occasional trip to the shops for more booze.

We haven’t done a great deal in Pohang at all. Other than hang around together. Though I can hang around with Andrew for free at home. (Could would be a better word. Most of the time he’s in zombie mode, plugged into his laptop.) It was nice for the three of us to have time together. Not sure how many more chances we’ll have for that.

“Do you think Lexxie was pleased to see us?” I ask.

“He stayed here the whole time, didn’t he?”

“I suppose he did.”

Alexei coming out here must have been weird for Andrew. They’ve never spent a long period apart before.

“It’ll prepare them for the future.”

“What, Dad? Who’s ‘them’?”

“Did I say that out loud?”

“Dad, you’re speaking out your thoughts again, aren’t you? Who’s ‘them’?”

“No-one you know. Don’t worry.”

“You really are going senile.”


“And stop saying ‘thanks’ when I insult you.”


“Just fucking shut the fuck up.”

We go to bed early. While Andrew is in such a good mood.

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow. Most of it spent travelling. Train to Seoul, another train to Incheon airport, flight to Kansai airport, and a final train to Osaka city centre. It’ll be late evening by the time we get to our hotel.

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