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AK grists 1925 - 1939

And the AK series continues. This time into the interwar period. A time when AKs were becoming thinner on the ground. Or hiding away under the label of Light Ale.

It wasn't just the gravities and hopping rates which were pretty similar. There was also a fair degree of similarity in the recipes. All the examples are over 75% base malt. In the case of Whitbread, split into pale malt and PA (Pale Ale) malt. The latter being a top-quality pale malt. 

Shepherd Neame's AK, like their other Pale Ales, was 100% base malt. Well, other than a tiny quantity of malt extract.

Crystal malt only appears in The Whitbread and Greene King versions. As I keep reminding you, crystal malt only became generally used in Pale Ales after WW II.

The sole other ingredient is flaked maize, which appeared in both Fullers and Greene King AK. My guess is that it would turn up in pretty much any other brewer's AK. Shepherd Neame and Whitbread being in the small minority of brewers who employed no adjuncts in their beers.

AK grists 1925 - 1939
Year Brewer Beer pale malt PA malt crystal malt flaked maize
1925 Fullers AK 82.04%     14.40%
1930 Whitbread AK 36.73% 39.80% 7.14%  
1931 Fullers AK 81.80%     14.72%
1935 Fullers AK 81.71%     14.53%
1937 Fullers AK 81.67%     15.06%
1937 Greene King AK 77.78%   2.47% 7.41%
1937 Shepherd Neame AK 99.34%      
1939 Fullers AK 81.33%     14.79%
  Average   77.80% 4.97% 1.20% 10.11%
Fullers brewing records held at the brewery.
Greene King brewing record held at the brewery, document number AC93/1/12 .
Shepherd Neame brewing record held at the brewery.
Whitbread brewing record held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/01/096.



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