Wednesday 17 February 2021

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1945 Boddington IP

Yet another Boddington Bitter recipe. Don't worry. There are plenty more still to come.

The end of the war in Europe was in sight when this batch of IP was brewed in April 1945.

That the recipe is so little changed from the previous year is a sign of relative stability in the supply chain. There’s a little less malt extract, but otherwise it’s just about identical to 1944.

The log was back to nameless hops, as usual. Well, nameless in terms of variety. They do record the grower’s name. Equal quantities of two English hops, one from the 1943 the other from the 1944 harvest. The latter were also used as dry hops.

1945 Boddington IP
pale malt 7.25 lb 86.57%
flaked barley 0.50 lb 5.97%
malt extract 0.125 lb 1.49%
No. 2 invert sugar 0.50 lb 5.97%
Fuggles 120 mins 1.25 oz
Goldings 30 mins 1.25 oz
Goldings dry hops 0.50 oz
OG 1038
FG 1007
ABV 4.10
Apparent attenuation 81.58%
IBU 33
Mash at 146º F
Sparge at 162º F
Boil time 120 minutes
pitching temp 61º F
Yeast Wyeast 1318 London ale III (Boddingtons)

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