Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Favourite places to drink (part four)

This time it isn't a pub. Neither is it from sometime in the past. It's here and now and a park bench.

I've been trying to keep active. And trying to find some time to read every day. I've come up with an activity that combines the two. Half way through my walk, I sit on a bench, get out Private Eye and sit and read for while. Or watch the ducks. It's very relaxing.

I often take along a can. Something that befits the location. Super-strong Lager is the only possible choice. I usually go with Gulpener Gladiator. If there's any in the shop. Half the time the shelves are bare. Its popularity may be down to its very reasonable price of 1 euro for a half litre.

If there's no Gladiator, second choice is Grolsch Het Canon. Not as nice and more expensive. Though it is a bit stronger. Third choice is Bavaria 8.6 Extreme. Even less nice than Het Canon. But at least pretty good value.

I only ever have the one can. Unless I'm there with Mikey, when I'll have a couple.

Odd that this is the spot where most of my drinking outside of home now occurs.

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Gordon Strong said...

Reading this story, I kept hearing "Aqualung" playing in my head...