Friday, 10 April 2020


Somewhat of an emergency post this. I'm in the process of swapping to a new PC and my data hasn't yet been copied over. Which sort of buggers most types of post.

I might have decided not to post what I've written about my trip to Thailand. But that oesn't mean that I can't show you some pretty pictures.

Unbelievably, for someone who hates the sun as much as I do, I was on two beaches within. The space of a week. And two beaches on opposite sides of the world. No-one will be saying that for a while.

I didn't drink anything very interesting in Thailand. Mostly Singha of Chang. Though I did manage to find a 6.5% beer in one. I can't remember it's name. It wasn't a particularly memorable beer, but it did have more umph than the standard Lagers.

In more normal times, I'd like to go back. And experience Bangkok properly. Who knows when that might be.

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Mike in NSW said...

When I flew from Brisbane to London via Thai Airways a few years ago they had a beer on board called Amarit which was 6.5% I got totally hammered and didn't wake up until half way over Estonia or some such weird place.