Monday, 7 May 2018

Now my Midwest trip is done

I can start arranging the next one. I'm not joking.

In a moment of Abt-induced madness, I asked the kids; "Would you like to go to the US West Coast?"

"Yes, Dad. As long as you're paying. Me and Lexie can't afford that sort of expensive holiday."

"OK. I'll pay." Bum. Did I just say that?

"Yes, Dad. You said that out loud. And there are two witnesses that heard you saying you'd pay for me and Andrew to go to the West Coast."

That's me buggered, then.

The kids and me will, as I so rashly promised, be hitting the West Coast in August.

This is our provisional schedule (in August):

Thursday 9th Seattle
Friday 10th Seattle
Saturday 11th San Diego
Sunday 12th San Diego
Monday 13th Mexico
Tuesday 14th Denver
Wednesday 15th Denver
Thursday 16th Vancouver
Friday 17th  Vancouver
Saturday 18th  Seattle
Sunday 19th go home

Nothing is set in stone except the start and end in Seattle. And an event already set for Friday 10th August in Seattle.

Though Alexei would be pissed off if the Toronto bits fell through, as they are his only beer-drinking opportunities.

Fancy setting up an event? Get in touch. Not sure if I'll have an overall them. Depends on how well I get on with the new book.

Failing a new one appearing, you could make do with this:


Gunnar H said...


Ron Pattinson said...

Gunnar H,

too far east, I'm afraid, Toronto.

Brando said...

We'd love to have you here in New Mexico. I'm in Los Alamos with the Brewery Co-op, one of 4 in the country. I believe you met and drank a few with our VP Mike Hall in Chile. Hit me up if you think it's doable...

Bruce said...

Wot! No Portland OR?