Sunday, 22 October 2017

Amstel Bock

You may have heard me mention Amstel Bock before. It's a beer I've a really soft spot for.

It dates back to ten tears or more back, when a couple of years I tried to taste all the Dutch Bokbiers blind. Amstel's stood out as a really good example of the traditional style. Which had resisted the trend towards sweetening. It's also dirt cheap. Especially when on special offer. I get through a crate or two every season.

I noticed something odd last week. I had a few empties on the floor and I noticed there were two different label designs.


Checking back, I can see that the lower design was used in 2015 and 2016. My immediatte fear was that they were selling last year's beer. But a look at the sellby dates demonstrated that wasn't the case. Both say May 2018.

Obviously they've changed the design this year, but still had some of the old labels, so they've used them up. That's frugal for you. What must a label be costing them? A cent? Probably not even that.

The beer's lovely no matter what the label.


Sebastian said...

So I tried today finding a shop where I can get it here in Berlin. None. Maybe online. None. Great. First my local grocery store unlists my preferred cheap Bock (Öttinger), now this.

Laurens said...

It went from 6,5% to 7% this year