Sunday 23 July 2017

Historic Lager festival

Dreams - can they really come true? I've been dreaming of an historic Lager festival for a while. Could it really happen?

I've tried once before. Total and utter failure. But I've learnt from my mistakes. Don't rely on other people. Be involved in the planning.

Anyway, I floated the festival idea on Twitter and there was an enthusiastic response. Now I need to convert that enthusiasm into a room full of historic Lagers. With me sitting in a corner drinking Kulmbacher.

Now all I need to do is work out a venue, sort out brewers to brew the beers and publicise the event so at least a few punters turn up.

To fulfill the first two of those objectives:

- Fancy hosting the festival: get in touch.
- Fancy brewing a beer: get in touch.

Maybe you can help an old man's dream come true.

I'll leave you with some Doppel Karamel DDR labels.


Lee said...

Love the Magdeburger

Steve / Beer Nouveau said...

What sort of space do you need? My place is always on offer. Depends on the numbers expected I'd imagine.

Shey said...

I've posted on my Facebook page
I'll be promoting it on both twitter accounts and if possible on instagram.
This is a really great idea.

Barm said...

I have always assumed Doppel-Karamell to be top-fermenting, but were there bottom-fermenting versions too?

Ron Pattinson said...


no idea about the DDR versions. Could have been bottom-fermented. I can't remember what the offical specs were. Too lazy to look them up now.