Thursday 11 May 2017

Guinness Porter pour

I had to put this on the blog. Such an important document.


Stuart Carter said...

that looks more or less half and half "stale" (possibly Brett infused?) and super "mild" (looks like it was still fermenting?) beer blended from 2 casks?

A Brew Rat said...

Awesome. That a pint would take 4 minutes to pour in the early 1970s, and be a blend, is simply amazing.

And the narrator.....he predated Charlie & the Chocolate Factory several years with the Oompah Loompah haircut. An amazing piece of history.

dls5492 said...

I love the quote "If work is the curse of the drinking classes, then Porter was their salvation." We need that guy at one of our Beer Club meetings critiquing our beers. He does it in such a elegant, polished, and graceful manner.