Thursday, 9 February 2017

William Younger dry hopping 1921 - 1939

I'm still labouring away at the number face. Which is why I've no time for proper posts. Just ones cheaply spun from a few shoddy numbers.

I'm pulling together all sorts of data for the Scottish book. Lots of which has never been assembled before. At least not that I've ever come across.

Dry hopping is a good example. Has anyone ever seriously compared English and Scottish dry hopping routines? I think not. Probably because bugger all people are interested in this sort of technical shit. Apart from me and hopefully a few geeks.

On my evening walk, I realised this table needs reorganising. Bum. More work. I was planning on having the book done by the end of next week. End of the month is more realistic. Especially if I keep adding stuff.

I estimated 35,000 - 40,000 words. I'm currently at 62,000 with a fair few holes still to fill. Two of the chapters have bugger all in their Techniques section. Need to fix that tonight with a new shaft down to the number seam.

Let me know what you make of this:

William Younger dry hopping 1921 - 1939 (oz. per barrel)
Year 1 3 Pale XXX DBS Btlg Pale XXPS Ext XXP Btlg LAE
1921 3.89 3.83 2.42 7.65 3.8 7.04
1933 2.01 2.06 1.98 6.10 2.02 6.52 1.82 4.85
1939 2.25 2.08 2.05 3.05 2.92 2.09 2.02 4.16
William Younger brewing records held at the Scottish Brewing Archive, document numbers WY/6/1/2/63, WY/6/1/2/70 and WY/6/1/2/76.

1 and 3 are Scotch Ales, XX is Mild, DBS Btlg is Stout and the rest are Pale Ales.

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