Saturday, 25 October 2014


I turned 58 last week. That my life is finite becomes ever more obvious. It explains this year.

Dolores has called me crazy several times. No, loads of times. Every new trip, event, collaboration. "It's too much, Ronald."

She's right. It is too much. But I've a good reason. To make up for being a lazy-arsed twat in my youth.

There's so much I still want to learn. Not just about beer. Despite my obsession, I'm not that narrow. Then I realised something. Depressing in a way, but also motivating.

What was the revelation? That I'll never learn another language.

Best make as much use as I can of the time I've left.

Sanskrit will have to wait for another life.


Doug Warren said...

To enhance your mood, and to make us other 50-somethings feel even worse, how many languages do you already speak?

Ron Pattinson said...


I can read around ten to some sort of level. I can only really speak French, Dutch and German fluently.

BryanB said...

Plus I presume English. (-:

If you can speak English, German and Dutch, you could have a stab at Danish. A fair bit of beery history to be mined there.

Dan Klingman said...

If we're talking fluency, that's four more than me...

Anonymous said...

58 is no sort of age these days! Some people rhat old still have their own hair and teeth :)
I'm no longer good at languages but I'm told I speak fluent bollocks.