Wednesday, 5 February 2014

March US book tour schedule

I may have mentioned that I'll be desperately tarting my book around the East Coast in March.

The concept is simple: I'll talk briefly about historcial brewing and the book, then you'll have chance to ask me questions and hopefully ply me with beer. There will be plenty of that around. Beers from the book - brewed by a combination of professional and home brewers will be availble at the events.

The only exception is Williamsburg where I'll give an hour-long talk on English brewing in the 18th century. That's the plan. The struggle will be to keep it that short.

This is the schedule:

Saturday 8th March Boston Pretty Things event
The Independent
75 Union Square,

Monday 10th March NYC Event
Brouwerij Lane   
78 Greenpoint Ave,
NY 11222,
The special Pretty Things beer and hopefully some others from the book should be avilabale.

Tuesday 11th March Philadelphia Event   
Yards Brewing Company
901 N Delaware Ave,
PA 19123‎
Yards should be brewing one of the recipes from the book.

Friday 14th March Colnial Williamsburg Event
talk on 18th-century English brewing
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Location: Hennage Aud., Art Museums

Saturday 15th March Washington Event with BURP
3 Stars
6400 Chillum Pl NW,
DC 20011

Sunday 16th March Baltimore Event with Free State Homebrew Club Guild
Maryland Homebrew,
6770 Oak Hall Lane,
Suite 108,
Columbia, MD 21045

Come along and have a chat. It will be loads of fun.

Feel free to buy the book in advance. Bring it with you and I'll be happy to sign it.


Lady Luck Brewing said...

Let us know the time for the Philadelphia event. Is it an evening event or during the day?

Dave Moon said...

Ron! What happened to the Boston stop? I've been brewing like mad out of your books in anticipation of you getting up here.

Jeremy said...

You should come to Colorado!

Michael S Patterson said...

No West Coast love?

Ron Pattinson said...

Lady luck,

I assume in the evening.

Ron Pattinson said...


Somerville is sort of Boston, if not technically.

Ron Pattinson said...


I may make it to the West Coast, but nothing's certain yet.

Anonymous said...

To follow up on the Boston remark above, the Somerville stop didn't seem to be listed...?

Unknown said...

I'm telling you, MIAMI! It's sunny, and . . . well, sunny. The books great by the way.

Bill said...

Do you think an autographed copy of "Numbers" will bring extra money on Ebay?

Ron Pattinson said...


whoops, I just fixed that. No idea how I came to leave that off.

Stu said...

Are there any post-talk drinking festivities planned for Williamsburg? Or might one be able to accost you for a book signature after the talk?

Ron Pattinson said...


not sure if there will be any beer after that talk. I'll probably have a couple somewhere.

Feel free to accost me.

doug said...

I plan to be at the Brooklyn talk, and will likely bring some historical recipe based homebrew along as well.