Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bitter! - hot

Sales of "Bitter!" are going through the roof over at Kindle. A mouse-scale roof, but better than no roof at all.

It's a funny book. I've never really pushed it. Not sure why.

Best put that right now. How does this go? Booky goodness, table perfection, recipe exposition, joke superfluity, er , loads of other crap. You know, the usual stuff my books are full of. Except about Pale Ale.

Buy "Bitter!" before you become it.


George West said...

Did some go to Austin, TX or can you tell? Asking because we had homebrewers come together to make current and historic "real ale", some based off your posts and a few said they downloaded your ebook - http://www.zymurology.org/Blog/?p=573.


Ron Pattinson said...

George, I can only see US, not the specific state.

Sounds an interesting event. I'd love to have tried Whitbread Double Brown on cask.

Mike Austin said...

I've just done it - a pin bottled, a pin cask.
Bottled not ready yet. Cask like a very good mild indeed.
Doctor Brown next!