Thursday, 23 August 2012

The history of British Lager

You might have noticed that a bit of a Lager theme has crept in over the last few days. There's a reason for that. A very simple one.

I'm going to be giving a talk on the History of British Lager as part of Glasgow Beer Week. Not wanting to look a total twat, I've been doing some additional research. It's been a fascinating experience. And I've been accumulating masses and masses of new information.

One thing I've noticed. There are way more articles in newspapers about Lager than there is about British types of beer. Search for IPA and almost all that you'll find are advertisements. It's totally different for Lager. Because it was so new and exotic at the end of the 19th century there are dozens of articles describing it and its arrival in Britain.

I've been finding so much that it's made me seriously consider putting together "Lager!". Not a complete history of Lager I'm afraid Rod. Just British Lager.

My talk will be on Monday 10th September. Not sure of the venue yet. There should be some proper Lager brewers there, too. Hopefully someone from Tennent.


Alistair Reece said...

will we be seeing any Let's Brew recipes for British Lagers?

Ron Pattinson said...

Al, in a word: yes.