Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Just a few hours of discount to go!

The super-duper Lulu 25% off in January offer has almost expired. Just a few hours to get one of my groovy papery things for a quarter less duku!

Just remember to use this code when oerdering:


I won't be repeating all the covers again. Arsing issues. You can see them all in the column to the left, anyway. just click on the garish daub that attracts you most and you could soon be in possession of a precious heirloom. Or something to prop up a table. The choice is yours.

A few minutes left before Pointless. May as well continue until then. What do I want to tell you? I know. Crimea Porter. Did I mention that? I found a Government of Crimea Porter. Cool, eh? I'd already found all those references to Porter being supplied to the troops and to hospitals. Now I know exactly what that beer was.

Oh, and there was a Easy India Company contract beer as well. I'm pretty sure it's an IPA.

I came across both in my last visit to the London Metropolitan Archives in December. I didn't get to archives much last year. Just twice to the LMA, one in Wolverhampton and Fuller's private records a couple of times. Must do better  this year.

I really should have bothered to check for nearby archives before my trip to Newark last summer. It's since been pointed out to me (thanks Marquis) that Shipstone's records are in an archive in Nottingham. Not that far from the station. Aaagh! Looks like there are brewing records amongst them. Best keep being nice to my brother.

Pretty Things. They've a dead good Once Upon a Time coming up. Something I'd dreamt of. Can't say too much about it yet. Confound, confuse and drive to despair. That's what it will do.

I would say more, but I need time to rinse my Chimay glass with cold water, pop the cap and then slowly pour an Abt into it. Sorry. (And explain exactly what I was about to do. Had to allow for that. And this. Best stop before madness.)

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Adrian Avgerinos said...

Thanks for the reminder. I just got a new job so I'm rewarding myself with an order for two of your books. Thanks!