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Scottish breweries in 1869

September has gone, but Scotland's still hanging around like a drunk who's forgotten the way home. I'm having too much fun with this theme to stop now. And I've just invested in a book about brewing in Alloa. May as well put it to use.

Time for another map. Just three decades later than the last one, but you'll notice a few changes. In particular, how the brewing industry was increasingly concentrated in a few towns in central Scotland and the East coast. Take a look:

View Scottish Breweries in 1869 in a larger map

Not all breweries are included, but those that are missing are extremely small - ones brewing fewer than 100 barrels a year.

Want all those breweries in handy table form? Here you go:

Scottish brewers in 1869
Brewery Town
Elsmie, Geo. & Co Aberdeen
James, Wm. & Co  Aberdeen
McAdam, Wm. &Co Aberdeen
Marshall, T. & Co. Aberdeen
Black, Wm. & Co Aberdeen 
Cowie, Alex. & Co.  Aberdeen 
McNellan, John & Co. Alloa
Maclay, James Alloa
Meiklejohn, R & Son Alloa
Younger, George & Son Alloa
Arrol, Archibald Alloa 
Blair, Alexander Alloa 
Wilson, J.C.& Co. Annan
Key, John M,  Anstruther
Richardson, J. Athelstaneford
Cunningham Athelstaneford 
Watson, James Ayr
Banff Brewery Company  Banff
Pudgeon, Elizabeth  Belhaven
Milne, W Biffie, Old Deer
Eadie, W. Blackford, Auchterarder
Sharp, B & D Blackford, Auchterarder
Eadie, R. and Sons Blackford, Auchterarder
Ogilvy, James Blairgowrie
Durie, Alexr Brechin
Gallaway & Knox Cambus
Knox, B.& Son Cambus, Alloa
McDonald, W Castle DougIas
Barclay, James Catrine 
Renton, Thomas Chirnside
Davidson, Andrew Coldstream
Howe, Henry Cullen
Mitchell, R & J Cupar
Dalkeith Brewery Company  Dalkeith
Gilliespie, Alex Dumbarton
Rennie, James Dumfries
Turner, William Dumfries
Corsen, Wm, & Co Dumfries 
Gray, William Dundee
Ure, William Dundee
Whitten, George Dundee
Ballinghall & Son Dundee 
Wilson, R. Dunfermline
Brown, Wm Dunfermline 
Berwick, W. & Co Edinburgh
Dick, Chas. & Son Edinburgh
Drybrough & Co Edinburgh
Edin, & Leith Brew. Compy  Edinburgh
Fulton & Paxton Edinburgh
Jeffery, J. & Co  Edinburgh
McMillan, R & Co. Edinburgh
Mackay, Geo & Co. Edinburgh
Melvin, Alex Edinburgh
Muir, James & Son Edinburgh
Pendrigh, J. & G. Edinburgh
Raeburn, W. & J. Edinburgh
Ritchie, George Edinburgh
Simson, James Edinburgh
Steel, Coulson & Co. Edinburgh
Taylor, Anderson & Co. Edinburgh
Usher, J & T Edinburgh
Younger, William & Co. Edinburgh
Younger, Robert Edinburgh
Aitchison, J.& Co Edinburgh 
Bernard, T Edinburgh 
Campbell, Arch Edinburgh 
Carmichael, T Edinburgh 
McEwan, Wm Edinburgh 
Stenhouse, J. Edman, Kelso
Young, A & J Elgin
Arnott, Henry & Co Elgin 
Aitken, Jas. & Co Falkirk 
Bonthrone, Alex Falkland 
Lyall, Lawrence Fisherrow
Whitelaw, William Fisherrow
Hossack. John Forres
Haldane, Wm. Galashields
Hunter, David Gatehouse
Lynch, Owen Glasgow
Scott, William Glasgow
Steel, Coulson & Co. Glasgow
Tennent, J. & R. Glasgow
Wordie, Peter Glasgow
Baird, Hugh & Co Glasgow 
Black, P. & A.  Greenock 
Buchanan,J,  Haugh, Inverness 
Spence, Alexander Huntly
Black,G,Thornbush Inverness 
Murray, Wm.  Jedburgh
Summer, John W Jedburgh
Fraser, John Keith
Moyes & Gowans Kilmarnock
Stocks, John Kircaldy
Gilroy, Thos. & Co Lanark
Paterson, W & Co. Langholm
Nelson, John Lawrencekirk
McNair, John Leith
Brown, J. & Geo Leven 
Simson, James Melrose
Ross, Wm. & Co. Montrose
Davidson, John Montrose 
Cunningham, C N. Berwick 
Smith, J Newton, Ayr
Young, D.B. Newton, Ayr
Solomon, W.T. Newton-Stewart
Sacell Brewery Co. Paisley
Muir and Martin Perth
Stewart, James Perth
Wright, John & Co. Perth
McGlashan, Geo Peterhead
Wallace, James Peterhead
Brothers, P Portelphinstone 
Fowler, J. & Co Prestonpans
Paxton, G. & Sons Richardland, Kilmarnock
Haig, Wm. St. Andrews
Ireland, D. S St. Andrews
Burden, Ann Stirling
McNicholl, Robert Stirling
Campbell, John Stranrear 
McCaig, John Thornhill
Steel, W. West Barns, Dunbar
Doig and Martin Wigtown
LOFTUS'S ALMANACK FOR Brewers, Distillers, AND THE Wine and Spirit Trades, 1869, pages 38 - 39, 

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