Saturday, 3 September 2011


We've been clearing out the spare room for Andrew. The kids have reached the age where they want their own rooms.

Andrew's room contained a cabinet that we'd transported intact from our old flat. That we left in 1997, when he was fewer than a year old. I'd not looked inside for, er, 13 and a bit years.You'll never guess what I found inside.

Beer that's 15+ years old. No way it'll be drinkable. Oxidised. Sour. Undrinkable. Unless . . . . .

. . . . . .it's a lambiek.

The price label is still on them. 12.99. That's guilders.  At the time, I can remember thinking: "expensive, but worth it." For what it was/is: Rosé de Gambrinus. Either 1995 or 1996 vintage.

I've six bottles.

"Tastes like diesel" was Mike's comment when we shared a bottle. He's not getting any more


Mike said...

No problem.

beer guru, jr. said...

Diesel #1, or Diesel #2?

Martyn Cornell said...

Are you sure he wasn't saying "Tastes like dees'll be all right after a few more years in the bottle"?