Monday, 30 May 2011


I've never been there. Never drunk a beer brewed there.

One colleague. My first programming job, at Legal and General. She was from Bolton. Notlob. I can remember that joke being made.

What a place to work, Legal and General. For the canteen. Hot food - great choice - and a fully licensed bar. Shepherd Neame on cask. For 20% less than the pub price. Nice. Especially having cask, drink of the gods.*

"Dad, do you want to hear some really weird Japanese music?"

"No, I'm trying to make a very subtle point about cask beer"

"Listen to this, dad"

"It sounds like a a really, really, really, really annoying ringtone (nyan cat)"

"It's a pop-tart cat, going through space with a rainbow flowing out of its bottom. Can you imagine how annoying it gets after a while?"

"No imagination necessary, Andrew."

This is the quote I wanted to share::

"The leisure of the young is largely concerned with courtship—and dance halls provide no alcohol. Once mated, the leisure of a considerable section of the male population (the pub-goers) is concerned with "I pass a couple of hours in 'ere ow't road o't' wife."

Bolton. It's assuming mythic proportions for me.

* And plebs like me.

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Matt said...

"Bolton. It's assuming mythic proportions for me."

That made me laugh. I'm a pleb from Manchester and have relatives in Bolton. I've drunk cask beer with them in pubs there. Never thought I was thereby on my way to mythic status :-)