Thursday, 3 March 2011


New video, about British beer, being proud of it. Quick synopsis, mackerel smelling two thirds done.

Here it is:

Proud of British Beer from Society of Independent Brewers on Vimeo.

Bit long, but with this gem:

Marston's Union Room.

Where are the troughs? These don't look like the unions in Bernard.

Makes me proud to be obsessed.


Rod said...

Tax on beer, eh? The never-ending story. What would Governments have done without it? Fought less wars, that's what.
Actually, I got a bit of a lump in my throat, and I didn't realise that I was one of only 15,000 people who work in the British brewing industry these days. Good vid I think.
Off topic, Ron, the Lovibonds 1864 has finished fermenting and is looking very good - it's hoppy!

Flagon of Ale said...

I am fascinated by the Burton Union system. I thought the troughs were above the barrels, no? I've never had the pleasure of seeing them in person, but they look similar to other pictures I've seen of them, like on this blog:

Anonymous said...

There are some clearer photos of the Union Room here: