Friday, 1 October 2010

USA here I come (again)

I fly to Boston today for the release of the new beer in the Pretty Things Once Upon a Time series. The beer's a KK from 1901. I'm dead excited at the prospect of getting to taste it in cask form.

It only seems like a few weeks since I was last in the US. Probably because it is only a few weeks. I've never been to Boston. Not that I'll get that much chance to see anything this trip. I'll only be in town a couple of days. I expect I'll spend most of my time in pubs.

The beer itself is a KK, brewed on Chiswell Street in November 1901. In the Golden Age of British brewing. If you've paying attention to these pages you'll realise that we're talking about a Burton. An elusive style that's somehow managed to slip through the fingers of history. Dark, hoppy and 7.8% ABV, it should be a cracker.

The release event is on Sunday (3rd October) at Deep Ellum and kicks off at 3 PM. I'll be the fat drunk in a top hat, if you want to buy me beer or give me money.

Deep Ellum Bar
477 Cambridge Street,
Allston, MA 02134.
Tel: 617-787-BEER (2337)


Gary Gillman said...

That's interesting, just yesterday in New York I drank a Hedgerow Bitter from Pretty Things (regular draft not cask). I was hoping for an English taste due to the name but American hops seemed dominant. It was good but Ridgeway's Old King John porter on cask, in perfect condition from England, was my favourite of the day: firm, decidedly bitter, dry and roasty but with no sourness - very 19th century in style judging by everything I've read, and learned here. Have a good trip.


dave said...

Hope to make it. Deep Ellum is my local bar, and I love Pretty Things beer.

Unknown said...

Hey Gary,

The hops in the Hedgerow Bitter were indeed from the UK... all of them. As far as I know there are not any dwarf-variety hops grown in the US that are on the market at this time. That said, there are almost no similarities between hedgerow hop flavour and aroma and say goldings or fuggles.