Monday, 4 May 2009

Sunday in the Blind Tiger (NYC part six)

After visiting a selection of New York beer pubs, Blind Tiger is definitely one of my favourites. d.b.a. too. Both are fairly normal. That is, not jammed full of TV's and overwhelmed by overly loud music.

And I've stuck to proper beer places. Yesterday evening I couldn't be arsed to stray far from my hotel and ended up at the Triple Crown on 7th Avenue. A generic bar with a very vague Irish theme. So Guinness and Smithwick's on tap. I had to make do with a Sam Adams Summer Ale. A beer I've drunk a few times on this trip. Just about bearable is how I would describe it. I guess it's a wheat beer of some sort. Just about bearable for one. Which, in any case, was all I could face amidst the racket and glare of multiple TV screens and cranked up music.

Weyerbacher Old Heathen (cask)
The Old Heathen is much the same as when I tried it on Friday. Drinkable, but quite tame for its strength.

Pippi is serving. I notice that's she's lost her pigtails. Pity. They were sort of sweet. Amazingly, she remembers me from two months ago. Or perhaps it's my weird Dutch credit card. They probably don't see many of those.

It's early afternoon and the bar has elbow room, but isn't dead. Absolutely perfect. The tourist buses are still streaming by. It must really start pissing you off after a while, if you work or live on Bleecker Street. It's already getting on my tits and I've only been here half an hour.

I've just ordered a Weyerbacher Quad. I fancy trying a beer style that doesn't exist. Unfortunately, they've just run out. Instead I have to make to with a

Magic Hat #9 (keg)
Pretty bland and slightly yucky tasting. Nice and cold though. It is over 30º C outside. I wouldn't have this one again. The high level or carbonation prevents me from knocking it back as quickly as I would like. It's 14:20 and the limo is picking me up from the Chelsea Hotel at 15:00. I need to hurry if I'm to cram in one more beer.

I've reverted to Old Heathen. That's the big advantage of cask. You can get it down much quicker.

That's it for my New York pub reports. I'm sure you're pleased to hear that. Back to dusty old books again.

Blind Tiger
281 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 462-4682

Triple Crown
330 Seventh Avenue,
New York,
NY 10001.


John said...

That yucky taste in the Magic Hat #9 could be the apricot. Mind you, it makes a change from grapefruit ;)

And 'ark at Limousine Larry and his ride to the airport.

Ron Pattinson said...

Aaaah, apricot. Not nice, whatever it was.

The limo took me to the inaccessible bit of New Jersey where my work is.