Sunday, 21 September 2008

More books

Lloyd Hind's "Brewing: Science and Practice" arrived yesterday. Both volumes. Once, I wouldn't have been so fussed about volume I, which covers brewing materials. But I needed a good 20th-century source on malt. Writing my book is proving a real education. (Before any HBT with a chip on their shoulder chips in: only a true twat sees no need to further educate themselves.)

"175 dollars, dad! You paid 175 dollars for a book!" I shouldn't let Andrew look over my shoulder when I'm on Abebooks. The book in question was a particularly useful brewing manual from the 1870's, one of the gaps I needed to fill. He should see how much the ones I daren't buy would cost. Dolores keeps a close eye on our credit card statements. "Ronald, you've been buying books again. We could have gone on holiday with that money." She exaggerates a bit. Not much, but a bit.

While I'm on the topic of filling holes, does anyone know a good British brewing manual published between 1880 and 1895? Not Sykes, I've got a later edition of that. Preferably something I can pick up for less than 175 dollars. I don't want to face Andrew's disapproval again.

The book pile next to my desk has returned. Time to buy another bookcase. If the kids moved into the shed, I could use their room as a library. But, for some reason, they aren't keen. "It would be fun. Like camping." "Daaaad, the shed is smelly and cold." "That's all part of the fun." "Why can't we put your books in the shed?" "Because the cold and damp would damage them." "But it's OK for us?" "Yes."


Thomas said...

Lovely, lovely books. A bargain.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous troller,

""? Is that really the best you can do? If you had an ounce of intellect and a milligram of balls, wouldn't you post rational arguments about why Ron is wrong? You know, making specific cases? I'll be honest: in the absence of such posts, it increasingly looks like Ron's right and you're... Well, you can't be wrong! You don't post facts that could be proven or refuted. Just URLs. What a wimp!

Anonymous said...

i like the bjcp guy.

he adds a bit of color to the otherwise drab comments section.

Ron Pattinson said...

david h, yeah, and you're the bloke who thought Mike was a cask-loving CAMRA supporter.

Thomas said...


Do you see any value in Ron's research at all? Are you intersted in the history of the beer you have no doubt put great effort into classifying?

Anonymous said...


1) If you posted a civil and productive comment under a consistent handle, to whom would it occur to delete it? We know why you've been getting deleted, so let's not play games. Who's to say that there's only one of "you"?

2) I've been on in the last day, too, but I've also gotten tons of dissertation work done. Sounds like you've been there lately yourself.

3) If you have a cogent dissenting argument to make, do it. Otherwise, you're just pathetically posting a link we've all already seen, anyway. I'm beginning to suspect that you're less a scholar than someone with emotional issues. Surely this constant trolling is an unhealthy displacement activity. Remember: just because you're busy doesn't mean that you're really getting anything done. Take it from me.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster is a child or an adult with the mind of a child - isn't that obvious? An adult would have better things to do or a different way of expressing himself. He's simply a child who hasn't yet developed the ability to communicate in an adult manner.

Taking him seriously or expecting more of him is useless because he lacks the capacity to advance.

Well, just be glad that we aren't as incapacitated as he is.

Anonymous said...

Mr. bjcp reminds me of a kid from the year below me at school. Tim was his name. He was a smarmy git.

He always went on about how his family didn't own a TV. The annoying prick never shut up about it. He wasn't suitably cowed and ashamed that he and his parents were freaks for not owning one. He didn't care that he couldn't join in with our chats about that weird documentary on Channel 4 the other night.

Instead, he droned on about the conversations he had with his parents or the latest song he played on his cello. He twittered on about some crappy book he'd read and took great delight in 'educating' us. But for somebody that had all this time to spend in knowledgeable pursuits he really didn't know much. He was still an idiot.

Nobody listened to him but the smug twat still went on and on. He was oblivious to us and himself. Last I heard he was buying missiles and warheads for the government. Just goes to show, eh?

So, to Mr bjcp, I say this: get a TV.

Anonymous said...

Mr bjcp I think you write stupid things because you are sad. I would be sad too if I was fat and smelled of wee.

He looks like he's weed himself in this video:

You can send a message to mr bjcp here. I think he needs more friends.

Son of Ron.

Whorst said...

The knob posted the exact the same thing on my comic page(notice I didn't call it a beer blog). Apparently it gives he/she great satisfaction. I think they'll be the subject of my next post. It won't be pretty!

Anonymous said...

dad says this is mr bjcp's email

Whorst said...

I'm on it, cheers!