Saturday 22 December 2007

Modern Stouts

I thought I'd continue the Stout theme.

I dream of writing the definitive history of Porter. That's why I'm collecting all this material. There is a point to it all. I hope. If my heart keeps on thumping past my 85th birthday, I might just see it through.

Brauwelt is a very useful magazine for number-obsessives like me. It's full of them. Unsurprisingly their main focus is Germany. But occasionally they venture out into the ale world.

This is a comparison they made of various British, Irish and Australian Stouts.

Anything strike you? Compare the bitterness levels of Guinness Foreign Export Stout and Special Export Stout. In my defence, I've rarely drunk FES in recent years. Special Export is my regular summer treat (what's better on hot day than a lightly-chilled strong Stout?). I hadn't noticed there was such a big difference between FES and Special Export.

I keep saying this. Maybe if I say it often enough, someone will listen. A bottle-conditioned version of Guinness Special Export would be one of the best beers in the world. Do you think if we asked nicely Diageo would make some? Yeah, flying bacon time.

To add a little historical perspective, here's a random selection of 1950's Stouts from the Whitbread gravity book.


The Beer Nut said...

I'd say it's John Martin you should be approaching for that campaign. And I'd happily sign a petition, or show up to James's Gate with a flaming torch and pitchfork, or whatever you think might work.

I'm not at all surprised by that difference in bitterness. Do a parallel tasting and you can see for yourself. Drinking Special Export has nearly put me off Foreign Extra altogether.

Ron Pattinson said...

Over here, Special Export is all I get. Or Nigerian FES. I'm not complaining. I've sadly never had the chance to compare Dublin FES and Special Export directly.

Right, that's two names on the petition. Anyone else want to sign up?

Boak said...

Yup, will do. I think it's fabulous that you can get a real "Imperial stout" in most supermarkets and offys, even if it's not bottle-conditioned.

We've never done a parallel tasting between the two (or three) either.