Sunday 25 December 2022

Drinkalongathon 2022 - Heaven Hill Straight Bourbon and Fairytale of New York


Having a chat with Lexxie while watching Christmas songs on the TV. 

"I saw them play in New York."


"Not every song is fucking George Michael." He thought it was him singing Mistletoe and Wine earlier.

"The Pogues, of course."

"The one with no teeth?"

"That's him. Except he has teeth now. We got in for nothing because we met the road crew in an Irish pub the day before and they put us on the guest list."

"Were you ever in New York at Christmas?"


"Did you ever go to the Rockefeller Center?"


"To go ice skating."

"You know I don't skate."

"Did you ever go to 34th Street"


"Did you see a miracle."

The Heaven Hill was an impulse buy in Ton Overmars the other day. Mike Siegel kindly donated a bottle to mine and Derek Prentice's accommodation in Chicago a couple of months ago. Very nice it was. I just couldn't resist.

Spicy and a little cheeky. Just like Lexxie.


Anonymous said...

This conversation feminds me of the dialogue with kids in Child's Christmas in Wales, in somewhat odder form.

A Brew Rat said...

Ha, a Swedish couple tried to raise money to buy the rights to Wham's "Last Christmas" so that they could take it off the radio forever. They managed to raise $62,000, but the price is $15 million.

A side note: James Brown's Funky Christmas is in the top 5 of Christmas albums of all time.