Friday 11 November 2022

TGL 7764 project

Anyone who has my blog for any length of time will be aware of my fascination for East German beer. I recently had a whole series of post based on the standards for DDR beer. Mostly around the one document TGL 7764.

I don't have recipes for most of the types of beer brewed in the DDR. but I do have the specification: FG, OG, ABV, colour, bitterness level and the ingredients which were allowed.

My idea is simple: get brewers to brew beers based on theses specs. There's a framework to adhere to, but plenty of room to play around within that.

Would anyone be interested in participating? If there enough takers, I'll publish the specs and away we go.

It would be nice, if enough beers get brewed, to pull together a little festival. Like the Historic Lager Festival a few years back in St. Louis.


Kevin said...

Is this open to homebrewers or just commercial brewers? I've spent all of 2022 brewing nothing but Ron Pattinson recipes anyway so I'm all in.

Ron Pattinson said...


I guess that depends on exactly where it takes place, what with the legalities of serving home brew. I'd be happy for home brewers to take part.