Thursday 3 November 2022

Back from Brazil again

I just got back from Brazil. Yes, I've been there again. Judging and generally hanging around with fellow beer-obsessives. Lots of fun, but totally knackering

I didn't do a whole load of travelling around. One night in Rio, the rest in Florianopolis. Home to some stunningly beautiful beaches.

Too knacked to write much, you'll have to make do with some photos. For now. 

Exciting, eh?  Yum. Just the sort of breakfast to kick its foot right up your arse to start your day.

Have you sensed any sort of theme yet? I'll soon be beating you over the head with it in another interminable series of travel blog post. Where you'll learn the details of every single breakfast I nibbled at apathetically, while reminding myself I needed vitamins and sugar for the gruelling day ahead. Though I need eat much the same before days of lounging around.

My only regret is not snapping every breakfast so I could truly share them with you. Well, not in the sense of eating along, that would be impossible.


Anonymous said...

Rather reminiscent of Skegness beach

Anonymous said...

Very much looking forward to more.

What is that on top of the eggs? Rolled up cheese?

A Brew Rat said...

That picture of scrambled eggs seems like its missing bacon.

Ron Pattinson said...


that is indeed rolled up cheese.