Sunday 27 November 2022

Off to DC

My last morning in Williamsburg. Really no rush this morning. Paul and Jamie are picking me up at 10.

I trundle along to the breakfast room around 9. Boiled eggs and fruit. Again. This is so much fun. I really do enjoy a fruit breakfast. Though I’m sure you’re sick to death of reading about my first meal of the day.

Martyn turns up soon after me and sits at my table. Travis and Craig are already there. Pete joins in the fun, too.

Now he’s working full-time again, Martyn can’t hang around after the conference. He flies back to the UK today. As a man of leisure, I can dawdle as long as I like. Which is another four days in DC. Well, Maryland, technically. But in the DC metro area.

At 10, Paul and Jamie turn up. And drive me up to DC. Making the journey back up to Richmond in daylight, I can see just how wooded it is.

“Do you fancy stopping off for lunch in Fredericksburg? Jamie asks.

“Sure.” I could do with a piss before DC. This seems like a good chance.

Jamie remembers a place on the main drag. Which is easy enough to find. It’s the Sedona Taphouse. We can park nearby, which is even better.

It’s 11:45. Considering they’ve only just opened, it’s surprisingly busy. A big, modern, airy sort of place. It says taproom, but, unusually for the US, they also have a large selection of bottled and canned beers.

What to drink? There’s quite a selection. Hop Slam is the answer. Something with a bit of muscle to kick start the day. I have crab on flat bread to soak it up.

The closer we get to DC, the busier the roads become. Which is pretty typical for the US nowadays. The traffic is bad around every major city. And not just at rush hour.

After weaving our way through and around Washington, we arrive at Silver Spring, where I’ll be staying. It’s a bit weird. The entrance is via the next-door parking garage. And on the third floor, not at street level. A weird place to say goodbye to Paul and Jamie.

Checked in, I suddenly feel totally exhausted. The last few days have taken quite a bit out of me. Despite consciously resting as much as possible. I’ll be here four nights, with four events in that time. Not exactly relaxing. Today is my only rest day.

At least I’m in the centre of Silver Spring. Plumb in the middle of the town centre. Which actually has shops and other useful stuff.

Despite feeling knacked, I have a bit of a wander. Where I spot a chance to use my CVS discount card. I get a bottle of cola. I’m not wandering randomly. I finished off my Tomintin yesterday and need some hotel whisky. There’s a liquor store not far away.

It has a fairly decent selection of bourbon. Which I note for later. Could be a good place to pick up bottles for the kids. Being a cheapskate, I get myself a Jim Beam. Which is very competitively priced.

On the way back, I look for somewhere to buy a sandwich. I didn’t see any in CVS. And I don’t fancy Chick-Fil-A. Instead, I get take out from a sushi place. That’s nice and snackable. I really don’t fancy a big plate of food.

I nibble the sushi and sip bourbon back in my hotel. While watching Match of the Day and some The Block NZ. This is the life.

Too knacked to stay up, I have a very early night - I'm in bed before 10. With Jim Beam as my guide to sleep.

Sedona Taphouse
591 William St,
VA 22401.


Thomas Vincent said...

Did Hopslam seem more like a barleywine than a double or triple IPA to you? I hadn't had it in years so I tried it recently and that was my impression.

A Brew Rat said...

Travelers tip: For cheap but good bourbon, try Evan Williams. Every bit as good as Jim Beam, but you can get a liter for what 750 ml of Jim Beam costs.