Sunday, 21 June 2020

Pub Pub

That's what I used to say to the kids whenever I spotted a pub. Followed, if we were on foot, by:

"Did you know that it's bad luck to walk past a pub that's open?"

"Stop with that bullshit, dad. We haven't believed that for ages."

I'm amazed that they ever believed it.

I went to one of those things again on Thursday. A pub. Bar. Whatever. Somewhere selling draught beer where you can sit down. 18th June, it was. Last time before that? It depends on what you count as a pub.

23rd March I had a few cognacs in the business class lounge. Does that Count? Before that, 21st March.

In Hemingway in Bangkok. I'd just chomped my through a very late full English, when REM's "It's the End of the World as we Know it" was played very loud. After it was done, the owner announced that all restaurants (the bars closed a few days earlier) would be shut from midnight.

Would have been a fitting way to start my pub drought.

Which ended an Butcher's Tears. My local brewery. What's odd, is that it didn't feel all that special. I don't seem to have missed pubs at all.

If I lived in the UK, that might well be different.

"No point going to Britain when the pubs are shut." I said to Dolores.

"Exactly." She agreed.

It was nice to chat to my mates Lucas and Will. At a suitable distance. No problem with distancing. There's plenty of space both outside and inside.

The brewer, a very nice chap, told me all about one of the draught selections, Wooden Shoe. With No. 1 invert and lots of Goldings in it.

They put on the rather nice dub album Lucas brought along. Very relaxing stuff.

All very pleasant. But it wasn't fulfilling some visceral need. Just a nice way to spend a couple of hours. And even get to drink Mild.

What have I become? Someone who has lost the pub habit.

Except when I travel, obviously. (See the comment above on Britain and pubs.)

Soi Sukhumvit 11,
Khlong Toei Nuea,
Bangkok 10110,

Butcher's Tears
Karperweg 45,
1075 LB Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

Ron Pattinson said...


whose name is on the first page of the BJCP style guidelines? Not yours, is it?

Anonymous said...

As an American, I can't tell you how dispiriting it is to see places there opening in safe conditions while we wallow and drool on ourselves.

Philippe said...

Ron, this is great! Has the general uncertainty prolonged the brewery's stay at their current location?

Ron Pattinson said...


I didn't think to ask. I think the council's plans for the area are currently on hold.

Ron Pattinson said...


it's not the same everywhere here. Some places inspire more confidence than others. Butcher's Tears is probably best of the bunch. Other places I would be more wary of visiting, especially when crowded.